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Our History

With over 100 years under out belts, you can bet we have a lot of history and faith brewing among our walls.  From the stained glass windows, to the organ, to the painting behind the alter, and to the cemetery with generations of families, we do have a story to tell.

On January 9, 1907, people from the Warren community gathered to organize a Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church to be affiliated with the Augustana Synod, choosing the name of Bethany. Worship and Sunday School were held in homes, a missionary society was organized, and within a year a class was confirmed. In 1908 C. J. Larson gave an acre of land for the church and the congregation purchased two more for a cemetery. The church was built in 1908 with 100 days of volunteer labor, and at a minimal cost. From 1908-1921 services were held one Sunday a month and one weekday a month. From 1921-1945 the pastors of Bethany also served First Lutheran in St. Helens. The church prizes highly its Olaf Grafstrom altar painting and the stained glass windows of symbolic design in the nave, narthex, sacristy, and choir room.

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